About Starlight's Daycare Nursery Farnworth


Starlight’s day care nursery has been established since 2009. We are situated on Bolton Road, Kearsley with excellent access to M60/ M62 and A580 to Manchester. Our Ofsted Registration number is EY387035 and on last inspection we were rated as a Good Supplier of childcare.


The key person spends quality time supporting their key children in accessing equipment and learning routines. Our practitioners play alongside the children and listen and respond effectively. This enables them to model ideas and language. They ask questions and make suggestions; this will help extend children’s learning.

Activities are carefully planned to meet the children’s individual needs according to their assessments. The practitioners provide challenging activities (focused adult led activities) for the children to enhance their current skills and levels of development whilst supported by their key practitioner. Children are provided with a vast variety of activities whilst in our care. Evaluations of children’s observations determines how our environment is enhanced.

Continuous provision offers our children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. It allows our children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices.

An important part of the EYFS is to support children in becoming active learners; continuous provision allows children to demonstrate this aspect and practitioners can closely observe this during their play. We provide a high-quality environment both indoors and out, that supports the children’s emotional wellbeing and helps them to be motivated to learn. Our practitioners respect children and create a safe environment for them to try out new skills without being outlined as a failure. The practitioners establish rules, boundaries and behaviour expectations alongside the children so they feel empowered in making decisions.

We recognise the importance of each area of continuous provision and ensure these areas offer children maximum learning opportunities as well as self-initiated play. We offer children additional resource to enable them to extend their ideas further.


All children are provided with an online learning journal. When a child starts the setting, parents provide an email address and an activation link will be forwarded. Only parents linked to the file can see their own child’s development.

The child’s key practitioner will complete observations including photos, quick notes, and detailed descriptions of the children’s actions/ achievements. Using the app parents can also share children’s learning and development whilst at home in their care. This ensures we have a more accurate account of your child’s current level of development.


We request children begin with 4 settling in sessions. The sessions enable parents and children to familiarise themselves with the practitioners and begin forming close trusting relationships.

The first session is 1 hour where the room leader will sit with you and complete the enrolment forms whilst your child plays. The second session is also 1 hour when we require parents to complete ‘a what to expect when’ document. This gives us a base line of your child’s development.

The third and fourth session if you feel confident are for a two-hour period where you can leave your child to play. If when the trials are finished, you and the key person feel your child has settled, we will then discuss the child’s start date.

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