Cubs Room - Quality Childcare For 0 - 2 Yr Olds

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Within cubs we care for children aged 0-2 years. We focus on the 3 prime areas of learning from the EYFS.

We tune into babies and provide warm, loving and consistent care. We engage in playful interactions and encourage young babies/children to respond. We feel it is important to support young babies/children understanding of their feelings and the feelings of others. We respond quickly to the babies needs to support their personal social and emotional development.

We communicate with babies and encourage sounds and babbling by copying their sounds in turn taking activities. We share the fun of discovering and valuing babies attempt at words to enhance the children’s communication and language development.

For physical development we provide babies with a variety of physical experiences indoors and outdoors. We provide lots of opportunities for babies to engage in malleable play including body painting, playdough and lots of messy experiences. We help children enjoy their food and appreciate healthier choices by combining favourites with new tastes and textures.

cubs room at Starlight's Daycare Nursery
cubs room pictures at Starlight's Daycare Nursery
cubs room for 0 - 2 yr olds at Starlight's Daycare Nursery

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